Before and During the shoot

How many shots do you take?  I don’t have a set number of exposures I take in a session and it is dependent on the package you purchase. I shoot as many shots as are needed to get you a variety of great looks. An average session has anywhere from 200-350 shots taken.

How long is a session?  “The Mini” package doesn’t usually take longer than 1 hour. “The Star” package tends to take 1-1.5 hours for the shoot itself. I tend to work fairly quickly between set ups and we may do more than 4 set ups. I would rather you have more variety to choose from once I know we got some solid shots. Please don’t be late. Veer on the side of being early please.

Where do you shoot?  In my studio space in Cabbagetown. I am on Wellesley, East of Parliament. There is visitor parking, as well as free street parking. 

Should I send reference photos?  It could sometimes be helpful if you have a particular look in mind. Check out my instagram for some of my favourite looks and backdrops for inspiration (JoLT390 Photography)

Can I bring my own makeup artist?  You are more than welcome to, but an additional charge may need to be added for studio time (we can discuss). Some MUA's can add an additional hour + onto our scheduled shoot time.

I am a hairstylist/makeup artist as well, so I would suggest booking extra time for me to do it, or if you come camera ready, I would be happy to polish up your look at no charge and do quick adjustments between set ups.

What kind of clothing should I bring? Varying necklines, shirt styles and having many different layering options are key for a strong headshot wardrobe (ex. halter, plunge, scoop, v-neck, and crew necklines, tank tops, button downs, cardigans, varying collars and jackets, etc.). Please bring different colour options and avoid overly bright tones and shirts that lack texture. Keep in mind the characters you usully get called for and do not over pack.

Graphic tees with large logos and excessive patterns often do not work.

Your clothes should be wrinkle-free and without stains, but I do have a steamer if need be. Headshots require minimal accessories – a few earrings, necklaces, and bracelets may benefit the look.

I am a man, should I shave?  I would suggest if you wanted an edgier look, that you leave a bit of scruff to start the shoot off with. Bring your shaving gear to shave before we do our more clean cut/commercial looks. If you are already bearded, I would recommend you talk to your agent to see if they would like a clean shaven look.

What are your Covid Protocols? Even though restrictions have dropped, I want to keep my clients safe. I will personally continue to wear a mask within the studio. I am fully vaccinated and test regularly. You, as the client, are not required to wear a mask, but anyone who may be accompanying you, does have to.

Do you have parking? Yes. I have a few vistor parking spots available and also street parking is free during the day. Follow my directions closely when we set up our session, as GPS instructions can be misleading.

After the Shoot

What happened after the photoshoot? Within 48 hours, I will go over all your shots, edit out the weaker photos and upload them to a Dropbox. You’ll be able to go on and view all your photos, and are welcome to share them with family, friends, your agent, manager, and anyone else you want to help you make your selects. If time allows, by end of day, I often send some quick samples to give you an idea how I would like to edit them. 

Is photo editing included in the cost? Yes. Photo editing is included in the price. The number of touched up shots you get depends on the package you buy. I only charge $30/extra edit if you decide you like more.

What happens to the selected shots? I use a professional post production process to get your favourite photos looking their best. Among other adjustments, your selected photos will be cropped, colour corrected, and things like stray hairs and blemishes will be addressed. I will give you 2 formats per image-a landscape format which I like for social media and a portrait format for easy uploading to the industry websites. The Dropbox with the final edits will remain active for 1 week and should be download ASAP.

Can I purchase extra shots later? Definitely! I would recommend you download the entire low resolution file on the Dropbox so you can referrence the numbers later down the road.

Can I post my photos on social media? Yes! But do not post any unedited photos please. When you do receive the finals post away!! Please credit JoLT390 photograghy and tag me if you can. I ask that you do not use a filter when reposting as it alters my vision and composition of the work, thank you. 

Do you print the headshots? No I do not,but you can easily get them printed at many places such as Pikto, Walmart, Costco, Black's online, etc. Hard copy headshots are not used as often any more, but let me know if you need your name added to any of the shots. 

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